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Our statistics indicate that suppliers who have taken training have 71% fewer issues using the Rogers Sourcing System when compared to suppliers who did not. Review the documents below and participate in a training conference call if required. Each conference call assumes knowledge of the presentations below and includes a question & answer period.
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We take your training seriously!

Rogers has prepared the presentations below to assist you in using the Rogers Sourcing System effectively. Review the training documents in the order they are presented. In addition, Rogers offers weekly web & teleconferences to assist suppliers in using the oline system. Please review these training materials before attending the conference as it will be focused on more advanced issues.

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1) Logging Into the System (PowerPoint, .7mb)

2) Responding to an Event (PowerPoint, 1.8mb)

3) Using Excel to Respond (PowerPoint, 2.1mb)

4) Participating in an Auction (PowerPoint, 2.1mb) - price to Rogers may decrease/increase depending on event setup

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