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At Rogers, security of information, both yours and ours, is a major concern. Consequently, we have implemented a rigorous login process for the Sourcing System. Users must be registered with Rogers to access the site and are given access to only specific sourcing events. Be cautious when entering your password and if authorizing other employees to access to the Sourcing System.
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For security reasons, Rogers and Ariba Help Desk staff are not able to resend you an existing password. System restrictions only allow distribution of a link that allows registered users to create a new password. Our staff do not have visibility to these new passwords.

To Request a NEW PASSWORD contact the ARIBA HELP DESK at 1-866-218-2155.

All passwords that are inactive for 6 months are cancelled and a new password must be requested.

Suppliers can use the "Compose Message" button in their sourcing event to request additional employees be added to the Rogers Sourcing System. Suppliers may wish to institute their own security protocols, specifically considering whether staff to be added should have access to the detailed information from previous sourcing events that is contained in the Rogers Sourcing System. As an alternative to adding additional users, the system does allow a single registered user to download an Excel spreadsheet and distribute it to other participants as a data capture tool.

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